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Current UK Visa Processing Times

A quick guide to current visa processing times (applications outside the UK)

A few weeks ago, we wrote about what it means when UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) says your application is not straightforward, and we briefly went over the waiting times for applications. Today, we would like to provide you with a quick overview of the current visa processing times for applications made outside the UK. We will also share some practical advice on the timeline of your visa application.

When does processing begin?

UKVI starts processing your application once you either:

• verify your identity and submit your documents and application online using the UK Immigration: ID Check app.

• attend your appointment at a visa application centre (VAC) to provide your fingerprints and a photograph (biometric information).

UKVI publishes the processing times for various visa types. The processing times are based on the current volume of visa applications, which means that processing times might change over time.

Current UK Visa Processing Times

However, in our experience, visa processing times might be even longer, and it can be very frustrating for clients. That is why it might be worth considering ‘priority service’ or ‘super priority service’ for your application.

Faster Decision

You may be able to get a faster decision:

· within 5 working days (‘priority service’)

· by the end of the next working day (‘super priority service’)

Whether you can get a faster decision depends on what you’re applying for and whether you prove your identity at a visa application centre or by using the ‘UK Immigration: ID Check’ app.

If you are interested in either priority service’ or ‘super priority service,’ you would need to pay your standard visa application fee and an additional fee to get a faster decision. The fee will depend on the type of the application. The ‘priority service’ and ‘super priority service’ is not available for all types of visa applications from outside the UK. Contact us, and we will be able to advise on whether you could be eligible for an expedited decision.


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