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Service Supplier Visa

Service Supplier Visa

The Service Supplier Visa allows overseas workers (who are either a contractual service supplier employed by an overseas service provider or a self-employed independent professional based overseas) who need to undertake a temporary assignment in the UK to provide services covered by one of the UK’s international trade agreements.


To be eligible for the Service Supplier Visa, applicants must have a valid job offer (at least RQF Level 6) from a UK-based company that is sponsoring their visa application. The job offer must be for a role that is related to the provision of a specific service, and the applicant must have the skills and experience to carry out that service. The UK sponsor must have a contract with an overseas service provider which has been registered with the Home Office, and on which the applicant will work; Applicants must have worked as or for the overseas service provider outside the UK for a cumulative period of 12 months.  Applicants will also require a valid Certificate of Sponsorship from the UK sponsor.

Why this route?

 The benefit of the Service Supplier Visa is that it allows individuals to legally come to the UK to provide a specific service for a limited period of time. This can be useful for both the individual and the company sponsoring their visa, as it allows for the transfer of knowledge and expertise between countries.

The Outcome

The Service Supplier Visa will be valid for the period of the individual's Certificate of Sponsorship or the maximum single assignment period (6 or 12 months), whichever is shorter. Successful applicants may be permitted to stay on this route for a maximum of 5 years in any 6 year period.

The Service Supplier Visa does not provide individuals with the same level of flexibility as the Global Talent Visa or the Senior or Specialist Worker Visa. It is intended for individuals who are coming to the UK for a specific job and who do not have a long-term commitment to living and working in the country.

This is not a route to settlement. It may be possible to switch to other immigration routes for this purpose.

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