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How to apply for a British passport

If you have recently naturalised as a British citizen, you may want to complete the process and apply for your British passport. It's important to remember a few points before making your application. Read below to ensure you are fully prepared. Please note, this guide is for online applications only.

Digital Passport Photo

As with any passport application, you will need a passport photo. Photos from a booth or specialist shop are more likely to pass the HM Passport Office checks.

Digital Passport Photo

The kiosk or store you use will provide you with an reference code which you can later use to input as part of your online application form.

Naturalisation Certificate Number

Naturalisation Certificate Number

Following your citizenship ceremony, you will receive your certificate of naturalisation which contains your full name, place and date of birth, and your certificate number.

Keep a copy of your certificate number.

You will normally be required to send the original certificate of naturalisation to HM Passport Office as part of your application for a British passport.

Identity Checks / Referee - British Passport

Much like with your application for indefinite leave to remain, you will be required to provide the details of a suitable referee who will be able to confirm your identity. This person must be:

  • 18 or over

  • Live in the UK

  • Have a current British passport

  • Have known you for at least 2 years

  • Have known you in the capacity of a friend, neighbour, or work colleague

  • Work or have worked in a 'recognised profession'.

This person cannot be:

  • Related to you by birth or marriage

  • In a relationship with you

  • Someone who lives with you

  • Someone who works for HM Passport Office

  • Someone who works for UKVI

  • A doctor (unless he/she knows you well)

You must have this person's permission to provide their details to HM Passport Office as part of your post-application verification process.

Receipt for a new UK Passport

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an email confirmation receipt outlining the final steps of the process.

You may be required to send your existing passport, naturalisation certificate and other documents for verification purposes.

Track your application

Track your application

You can sign in to the passport tracking feature using your unique PEX reference number, email address and date of birth.

Following successful verification of your identity and supporting documents, you will be notified that your passport has been issued.

In this example screenshot, you can see the applicant's identity was confirmed and their passport was printed within 10 working days.

If you need help with your application for a British passport, please contact us for advice.


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