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How to get sponsored for a job in the UK

Looking for a job in the UK as a foreign individual might appear challenging. The process can be daunting, especially as in most cases you need an UK employer with a sponsor licence that is willing to employ you and sponsor you. Nonetheless, with the right information, resources, and strategy, finding a job in the UK with sponsorship may be possible.

UK sponsorship visa routes

Under current rules, the following work visas require sponsorship by a qualifying employer:

· Skilled Worker visa

· Health & Care Worker visa

· Temporary Worker visas

· Global Business Mobility visas

· Scale Up worker (initial 6-month sponsorship)

Each of these routes has it own requirements and eligibility criteria that the worker and the employer must meet. It may also be possible – and necessary – to apply to switch into one of these categories to maintain lawful status and remain in the UK to work. For example, someone in the UK with status under the Graduate Route must either apply for new status or leave the UK after two years (or three years if they have a PhD); in many cases, this will see the graduate switching from the Graduate Route to the Skilled Worker visa.

Finding a Job with Sponsorship

Various platforms provide listings of companies that offer sponsorship jobs. Some of these include UKHired, job search engines, and the Home Office register of licensed sponsors. It also may be worth doing an internet search in Google, Bing, ChatGPT, Bard, etc.

Certain industries in the UK have a higher demand for skilled foreign workers. These include professional services, medicine, science, engineering, and financial services. The UK Shortage Occupation List provides a comprehensive list of roles with a high demand but a shortage of labour in the UK market.

Finding a sponsor is only part of the process. The job on offer must also meet the requirements of the visa route you are applying under. For example, if you are applying as a Skilled Worker, the role must require a skill level of RQ3 or above, pay at least the minimum salary, be listed on the eligible occupations list, and you need to meet certain English language requirements.

Overcoming Challenges

Most employers are not interested in sponsoring just anyone due to the inconvenience and costs involved. It is essential to demonstrate your value and skills to potential employers to increase your chances of securing sponsorship. It means that you should have well-written CV and professional references ready. You might also need to meet the English language requirements. This requirement is met if you are a citizen of a majority English speaking country, hold a degree equivalent to a UK Bachelor's degree or higher taught in English, have passed a recognised English language test, or have previously met the English Language requirement during a grant of leave in the UK. Please note that those with a degree taught in English may need to obtain an evaluation with Ecctis.

While we cannot secure your sponsored job, we can assist you with searching for sponsored jobs and help you out with your visa application. Contact us today to find out more.


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