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Can I Still Bring My Dependants on a Student Visa?

Up to now, it has been possible for international students studying in the UK to bring their dependants with them. Student and Graduate dependants, which most commonly includes a spouse, unmarried partner, or child under the age of 18, have been able to live in the UK for the same length of time as the main applicant. However, the UK government announced earlier this year that from January 2024, the dependant route will no longer be available to those on a Student visa.

Can I bring my dependants before January 2024?

Yes. The current rules still permit dependants to join a student in the UK, provided they meet the existing requirements.

Do these changes apply to all Students?

No. Students whose course is a PhD (or other doctoral qualification) or postgraduate research degree of at least 9 months can still bring their dependants. Additionally, Students on a full-time government sponsored course of at least 6 months can also continue to bring their dependants.

Do these changes apply to Graduates?

The changes to the dependant route for students will not impact those on a Graduate visa. Graduate dependants will be free to apply to join or stay with the main applicant beyond January 2024.

Is there another way to join my partner or parent in the UK?

The most common route for dependants after the Student or Graduate visa is the Skilled Worker visa. No changes have been announced for dependants on this route.

If you are unsure of how these changes impact you and your dependants, contact us today for further information.


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