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How to apply for reconsideration of a visa refusal

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There are various reasons why your UK visa application might be refused. These were covered in a recent post. However, on many occasions, your application might have been refused because you made a mistake in your application form, including providing incorrect or conflicting information.

Typically, you will have the opportunity to rectify errors in your application if you realise you made a mistake after submitting it (refer to our guide on addressing errors in a UK visa application). If you fail to notice a mistake in time, your application may be rejected. More major mistakes will require you to withdraw your application before submitting a new one.


If your UK visa application has been refused, you will receive a letter from the Home Office explaining the reasons. Your refusal letter will state whether you have the right to challenge the decision by appeal or request an Administrative Review. Some refusals will not provide you with those options. For example, under normal circumstances, a refusal of a standard visitor visa will not come with any right of challenge.

If you want to exercise your right of appeal, you will have 14 days to do so if you are inside the UK and 28 days if you are outside the UK. Similar rules apply to the timeline for submitting an application for administrative review.


The challenging of a Home Office decision can only be based on an error having been made, an incorrectly interpreted law or provision, or a breach of your human rights. An administrative review is the review of an 'eligible decision' to determine whether the decision was incorrect due to a case working error. The process will allow you to raise any permitted caseworker error(s) that you think has been made on the application and, if an error has been made, to have it corrected.

If you are in a situation that neither the appeal nor an admininstrative review is available, we may still contact the Home Office on your behalf to request the reconsideration of your application. This can involve the provision of new information clarifying your mistakes and omissions. We can invite the Home Office to take a fresh look at your application and the supporting documents to reconsider its decision.



If you want to apply to have the refusal of your immigration application reconsidered by the Home Office, or you are unsure what your rights of appeal are, contact us today to discuss your situation.


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