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SMS Key Personnel: Level 1 User

The Level 1 User is one of the key personnel for the purposes of your company's Sponsorship Management System (SMS). You must identify your Level 1 User, Key Contact, and Authorising Officer as part of your application for a sponsor licence. You must have at least one Level 1 User in place throughout the lifetime of your licence, but who can assume this role and what responsibilities will they have?

What is a Level 1 User?

Your Level 1 User is responsible for carrying out your day-to-day sponsorship activities using the SMS. They can perform the following actions:

  • Assign (and withdraw) Certificates of Sponsorship to Workers

  • Request an increase to your annual Certificate of Sponsorship limit

  • Request an increase in the number of Level 1 Users

  • Add or Remove Level 2 Users to the SMS

  • Report minor changes to your details

  • Report changes of circumstances

  • Report worker activity

  • View information about your licence and Key Personnel

  • Access key messages and updates from UKVI

  • Apply to renew your licence

  • Apply for premium customer service

What are the requirements to be a Level 1 User?

Your Level 1 User must be based in the UK for the duration of the role you appoint them to. They must be a paid member of staff, director or partner. They must not have any unspent criminal convictions and they cannot be legally prohibited from being a company director in the UK. Your Level 1 User should be familiar with the sponsorship process and relevant duties. You must also have at least one Level 1 User who is a settled worker.

Can I appoint a representative as a Level 1 User?

Yes. You can appoint a UK-based representative to be your Key Contact. However, they cannot be the only Level 1 User; you must always also have a Level 1 User who is employed by you and settled in the UK.

Can I change the Level 1 User? - SMS Key Personnel

Yes. If your Level 1 User is due to leave the company, or is no longer able to manage their responsibilities in this role, you must find a suitable alternative and appoint them on the SMS.

Can I have multiple Level 1 Users?

At the application for sponsor licence stage, you can only select one Level 1 User. However, after the grant of your licence, you are permitted to appoint additional Level 1 Users if they meet one of the following requirements:

  • They are a paid member of staff or office holder within your organisation

  • They are an employee of a third-party organisation engaged by you to deliver all or part of your HR funcition

  • They are a UK-based representative

Can my Level 1 User also hold other Key Personnel positions?

Your Level 1 User will have access to the SMS. They can assume multiple positions as part of your sponsor licence application, or at a later date following the grant of your licence, including Authorising Officer and Key Contact.

Contact us today if you are unsure of your SMS duties or have a query about any Key Personnel for your company's sponsor licence.


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