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SMS Key Personnel: Authorising Officer

The Authorising Officer is one of the key personnel for the purposes of your company's Sponsorship Management System (SMS). You must identify your Authorising Officer, Level 1 User and Key Contact as part of your application for a sponsor licence. Your Authorising Officer must be in place throughout the lifetime of your licence, but who can assume this role and what responsibilities will they have?

What is an Authorising Officer?

Your Authorising Officer must be the most senior person in your organisation responsible for the recruitment of all migrant workers. They are also responsible for overall compliance with your company's duties as a licensed sponsor. You can only nominate one person for this role, even if your company has more than one person who could hold this position.

What are the requirements to be an Authorising Officer?

Your Authorising Officer must usually be based in the UK for the duration of the role you appoint them to. They must be a paid member of staff or engaged by you as an 'office holder'. They must not have any unspent criminal convictions and they cannot be legally prohibited from being a company director in the UK. Your Authorising Officer should be familiar with the sponsorship process and relevant duties.

What if my Authorising Officer leaves the company?

If your Authorising Officer is due to leave the company, you must find a suitable alternative and appoint them on the SMS.

Can my Authorising Officer also hold other Key Personnel positions?

Your Authorising Officer will not have access to the SMS. However, they can be granted access if they are also set up as your Level 1 or Level 2 User. They can assume multiple positions as part of your sponsor licence application, or at a later date following the grant of your licence. They can also be your Key Contact which is responsible as the main contact between your company and UKVI.

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