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Sponsor Licence Priority Service

If your company is making an application to UKVI for a sponsor licence in order to employ migrant/non-settled workers, you will normally have to wait 8 weeks for a decision. For an additional fee of £500, UKVI offers a priority service to process and decide your application within 10 working days. This post briefly covers the key information you need to know the differences between the standard and priority service.

Will the priority service increase my chances of a successful application?

Paying for the priority service will not increase the likelihood of your sponsor licence application being granted. It solely relates to the processing time of your application.

Will the priority service guarantee a decision within 10 working days?

If all of the information and supporting documents provided as part of the sponsor licence application are in place, you will most likely receive a decision within 10 working days. However, your application may be subject to a request for further information or documents, in which case your application will still be processed as quickly as possible, but the priority fee will not be refunded if a decision takes longer than 10 working days.

How can I add the priority service?

Since 21 June 2023, applicants have had the opportunity to add the priority service as part of the application process (i.e., immediately after paying for the main application). However, there are only 30 slots available each day. These slots become available at 09:00 every working day (Mon-Fri).

Can I add the priority service after submitting my application?

You will still be able to request the priority service after your application has been submitted. To do so, you must login to your sponsor licence application account and click 'Finish incomplete application'. There you have the opportunity to pay for the priority service if there are still slots available on that day.


If you require help with your sponsor licence application or requesting the priority service, contact us for professional advice.


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