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What is a UK Visa Vignette?

A visa sticker or 'vignette' is a type of physical visa that is attached to your passport or travel document following a successful immigration application. UKVI uses different types of visa vignette, depending on your circumstances. Read more to learn about when you can expect your vignette, how long it is valid for, and the difference between a vignette and a Biometric Residence Permit.

Will I Receive a Visa Vignette?

You will normally receive a visa vignette in your passport following a successful immigration application from outside the UK. This includes for common types of applicants such as Visitors, Students, Skilled Workers, and Innovator Founders. The vignette will serve as a form of entry clearance permitting you to enter the UK. You will need to collect your passport from the visa application centre or wait for delivery if the courier return service was purchased. It is important to remember that you will not be able to travel to the UK until you have your passport and vignette, even if you have been told your application has been successful.

What is the Validity of my UK Visa Vignette?

Your visa vignette will usually grant you permission to enter the UK for a short period of time (between 30-90 days). If you do not travel to the UK before your visa expires you will need to apply to transfer your visa.

Those who have been granted a Visitor or other short-term visa, you will not receive a BRP; the vignette will act as your main visa (see below).

What is a UK Visa Vignette?

This example of a client's visa vignette shows permission to enter the UK (entry clearance) as a Visitor, valid from 26 August 2021 to 26 August 2026.

When Do I Receive my BRP?

Once you have used your short-term visa vignette to enter the UK, you will be able to collect your BRP (biometric residence permit) from a Post Office. You should take your passport or travel document with you for collection. Your BRP will set out the permission you have to stay in the UK (e.g. as a Skilled Worker or Dependant Spouse) in addition to the validity period.

Why Does my BRP Expire on 31 December 2024?

You may be confused if your grant of leave to enter or remain in the UK is for a longer period of time but the expiry date of your BRP is set at 31 December 2024. The reason for this is because recently issued BRPs all now have this expiry date due to the Home Office's plans to move to an online system. Your immigration status will not be affected by this expiry date, nor will your right to rent, work, study, travel or access benefits.

What is a UK Visa Vignette?

This example of a Biometric Residence Permit shows leave to remain (permission to stay) in the UK as a Skilled Worker until 31 December 2024. The client actually has leave to remain until 2028.

Contact us today if want to make an immigration application, or if you have any queries regarding your existing vignette or BRP.


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