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I have paid for the Priority or Super Priority service, but I am still waiting. What can I do?

After submitting your application, you might be provided with the option to pay for the Priority or Super Priority service to ensure that your application is processed quickly. It is important to note that not all types of applications are eligible for the Priority or Super Priority.

While these services are costly, applicants are sometimes unable to get the desired outcome in time. Even if you paid for the Priority or Super Priority service, you might still receive a notification from UKVI stating that your application is complex or not straightforward.

The main reasons for the not straightforward application are usually:

1. Your supporting documents need to be verified.

2. You need to attend an interview.

3. Your personal circumstances require more consideration.

We have discussed those reasons in depth in our previous blog post.

If you are unhappy with the length of time it has taken to process your application after you have been told your application is not straightforward, we can contact UKVI on your behalf to request an update and explain how the delay is impacting you.

If we do not receive a satisfactory answer after the first attempt, we can lodge a formal complaint to the relevant department, which will then conduct an investigation of your application and the reason for the delay.

You might ask yourself whether you are eligible for a refund for your application.

Unfortunately, you may not be eligible for a refund if the Home Office has told you that the decision on your application will be delayed because your case was assessed as complex or not straightforward. Especially if this update was communicated to you within the timeframe you were originally expecting a decision.

Equally, you may not be eligible for a refund if the Home Office has made a decision within the stated timeframe but then the arrival of your BRP card incurs further delays.

If neither applies, you may be eligible for a refund. However, it will depend on the circumstances of your case, and we recommend that you contact us to discuss your options.


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