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Introduction of Appendix Children

The UK's Immigration Rules are a long and complex compilation of secondary legislation designed to cover all aspects of immigration to the UK. Recently, as an addition to its many appendices, we have seen the introduction of Appendix Children which, ignoring its unfortunate title, seeks to provide more clarity and consistency for child applicants across a range of Points-Based System routes.

What is Appendix Children?

Appendix Children is one of many appendices to the Immigration Rules. It is designed to unify the requirements for both children applying as dependants of a lead applicant, and children applying in their own right.

What Does it Change?

Previously, an applicant would have had to look at the specific requirements for their dependant child within the 'Eligibility' heading of the relevant route. For example, a Skilled Worker would look at the 'Relationship', 'Care' and 'Age' requirements at SW 30.1. - SW 32.2. A Graduate would similarly refer to the same requirements at GR 11.1. - GR 14.2. With the introduction of Appendix Children, all of the common requirements have been deleted from the individual appendices and codified in one place.

Which Routes Does it Apply to?

Appendix Children applies to the following immigration routes:

Immigration Rules Appendix Children


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