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My relative made an immigration application and died before receiving a decision. What next?

If your friend or relative died before receiving a decision on their pending immigration application, you should contact UKVI to notify it of the unfortunate change in circumstances. You will be required to provide proof of the deceased applicant's death certificate, after which their application will be marked as void. You will also be asked to confirm if you are the person responsible for managing the deceased applicant's affairs.

The deceased applicant's passport will usually be returned to their individual UK Embassy or High Commission, and UKVI will confirm this by way of a letter.

The application fee and Immigration Health Surcharge will be refunded within 28 days to the same bank account from which payment was initially made. If the deceased applicant's account is no longer active, or an alternative account to which the refund can be made is preferred, you can contact the relevant Transactional Services department to request this.

If the deceased applicant had dependants who applied at the same time, UKVI will normally contact them with the offer of withdrawing or varying their application(s).


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