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What to do if your Skilled Worker application is refused

In order to meet the requirements of the Skilled Worker route, an applicant must be awarded 70 points (50 mandatory + 20 tradable). If less points are awarded, for whatever reason, the application will be refused. Some common reasons for failing to secure enough points include:

  • English language skill at incorrect proficiency level (below B1)

  • Inappropriate occupation code

  • Lack of qualifications, skill or experience

If your application is unsuccessful, you may apply for an Administrative Review which will consider whether the application was wrongly refused due to a case working error. An application for Administrative Review costs £80 and can be made online. It must be made within 28 days of the refusal (if you're outside the UK) or within 14 days (if you're inside the UK).

When conducting the Administrative Review, only the evidence submitted with the application will be considered. This means that new documents or information cannot be taken into account. The exception to this rule is where the new evidence submitted is done so with the purpose of showing that a case working error was made. For example, by providing evidence that the Immigration Rules or relevant policy or guidance were incorrectly applied, or that important information or documents originally submitted were not considered by the decision maker.

Administrative Review may take several months to process. You may request for it to be withdrawn if you intend to make another immigration application.

If the Administrative Review concludes that the original refusal was correct, you will not be able to request a second review unless the Administrative Review found different reasons why your application was refused. Your Immigration Health Surcharge will not be refunded until a maximum of 6 weeks from the date of your Administrative Review decision.

If the Administrative Review concludes that the original refusal was incorrect, the refusal will be withdrawn and your application will be granted.

If your Skilled Worker application has been refused recently, our team will look at your application, the reasons for refusal, and advise you whether an Administrative Review should be pursued. Contact us here.


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